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Whenever you are working from home or setting up an office at your home, you need an ergonomic and comfortable office chair along with desks and other equipment like Wifi routers, Security cameras, etc.

Office Chair

Choosing an ergonomic office chair

Height adjustability.

The height adjustability option lets you to change the height of the seat so that there won’t be extra pressure on your knees. It also decreases the difference between the desk height and the seating height.

Seat width.

The seat needs to be spacious enough to sit comfortably and can rest your back to the backrest of the chair. A small width seat can make you uncomfortable as it puts pressure on the knees and on the back.


Choose a chair that allows you to recline so that there won’t be much pressure on your back and spine during long working hours. You can recline during break time using the adjustable backrest of the chair.

Lumbar support.

Good lumbar support and cushion to make you feel comfortable and avoid lower back pain. The material used needs to be soft quality foam and not a hard material.

Office Chair Head support.

Good head support provides comfort to the neck and avoids neck and back pain.

Armrests for an Office Chair

Adjust the armrests depending on the desk height to avoid pain and stress on the shoulders.

Apart from the above points, make sure the chair is easily movable and rotates 360 degrees so that you can adjust yourself at the desk and can reach for anything on the desk easily.

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